Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Benefits of using recycled plastic fence posts

People nowadays are switching over to eco-friendly consumption of everything. When it comes to food, more and more organic and vegan food is being consumed. There is minimal use of products which are difficult to recycle. The co-friendly consumption has now been used for architecture of the house also. People have now understood the advantages of using the recycled plastic fencing instead of the traditional old wooden fencing. The major benefit of using them is that it has been recycled out of waste and does involve cutting down of trees. Moreover they simply lasts longer, hold up the elements nicer and are durable. The solid recycled plastic fence posts retain their looks and aesthetics for a longer period of time as compared to the wooden fence.

There are various types of products which are completely made of recycled plastic that is extracted from milk jugs and other rigid plastic containers. The demand of these products has increased so much that sometimes it happens that there is shortage of these products. 

Major advantages of recycled plastic fence posts

  • There is no staining on the posts.
  • There is no need of painting the posts. 
  • There is no need to use the conventional wood working tools for cutting and screwing the recycled plastic fencing. 
  • These posts are compressed into solid so there is no need of metal or timber inserts. 
  • Unlike the wooden fencing they are termite and carpenter bees’ resistant. 
  • They are made without cutting the trees so they are eco friendly and they are recycled so they helping in preserving the nature. 

Cost benefit of recycled plastic fence

The recycled plastic lumber fencing is being very popularly used nowadays as an alternative of the wooden fence. However the cost of this fencing is a bit high but there are long term advantages of it and because of its long term durability and value. The cost of the installation of plastic fence is almost equal to that of the wooden fence. But after few years the wooden fence starts to rot, and requires re-installation. This is not the case with plastic fence, once installed it needs no maintenance of any kind.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Benefits of using composite decking

Composite decking is now very popular today and turning to be a top favorite for builders. Composites can either be plastic or wood. They are produced from combination of recycled plastics and hardwood waste. The manufacturing involves mixing equal parts of wood fiber and plastic with pigments, ultraviolet inhibitors, and borate preservatives. 
The mixture is then heated and extruded, and embossed onto a warm surface if any texture is to be added to the final product.   
Pallet manufacturers and manufacturers of decking supports usually manufacture composites from waste such as sawdust, used plastic milk bottles and shopping bags. These materials would have otherwise ended in landfills.  There are many conditions which might make it necessary to choose and use decking supports made of wood. For instance, a good example is when you desire the natural look and feel of wood. However, composite material-made decks and decking supports are more preferable for the reasons we will discuss below. They are considerable in over wood in certain circumstances of application. Additionally, you might prefer them over wood in situations where you can use the two. 
Here are benefits of using composite decking for those looking for recycled plastic decking products. 
1. Safety: the fact that composites are slip-resistant and splinter-free make them safer compared to regular decking. In addition, there are no nails or screws driven into the decks because they have innovative fittings, making them barefoot-friendly. 
2. Upkeep is easier: Composite decking are easy to clean occasionally because they are made of a mix of waste wood or cellulose fiber and plastic. This also applies for non-wood railings made of composite, vinyl, glass and metal. Besides, there is no need to paint, stain or seal it.
3. Durable: Unlike traditional decking that is easily weathered and which easily fades in case of harsh rain or blistering heat (which would make it to fade and warp), composite decking is not easy to weather, resists mold and wont split, splinter or rot, and also lasts longer. It can also be exposed to sun without cracking or disintegrating, thanks to its uv-stability. 
4. Design is better: In addition to matching the look of traditional timber or exotic hardwood, composite wood doesn't have nails and screws and therefore will have a smooth surface. 
In addition, you can get a color variety that matches your home needs and design, in addition to the face that you get a product that is relatively color stable. 
5. Less costly: While wood is less costly compared to composite, the cost of maintenance of composites is much lesser. Wood decks, for instance, would need cleaning and sealing every few years. Also, decking support made from composite materials are more durable and will therefore save your costs in the long run but wood decks will need to be replaced more often compared to composite decks. You can contact us regardless of the color and design of decking supports, recycled plastic decking you are searching from pallet manufacturers.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Why Use Recycled Plastic Bollards?

Plastic bollards have many pros over the old bollards that are usually metal or concrete. They are convenient to use because of their lightweight, high visibility and so on. Over the last few years, it can be said that these plastic bollards have had the monopoly in the markets. These days recycled plastic bollards are on the rise as well because of their eco-friendly nature. Here are a few reasons stating why to use recycled plastic bollards?

They Are Not Costly

Yes, they do not cost one much when compared to metal bollards for permanent concrete bollards. These economy bollards do not wear down in the long run and even if they do, they can be recycled which brings down their price.
They are very easy to carry and are hence portable from one place to another with much ease. This also brings down the extra cost of labour or transport.

They Come In Various Colours

What is the purpose of these recycled plastic bollards? They prevent any kind of mishaps and accidents from taking place. For this, they have to highly visible for anyone, even one who is at a distance from the working area. 
This is why plastic bollards are the safest and wisest options because they come in a variety of colours which are bright and fluorescent like fluorescent red, pink, and green and so on. Even if they are subjected to weather climate conditions, it is guaranteed that these bright colours will not fade away even in the long run.

They Are Very Eco-Friendly

The man has been long conscious now. Plastic has created havoc in the balance of this world's nature. However even if these bollards are made of plastic, the pallet manufacturers have made sure they are made from recycled plastic only. 
This helps in creating a positive impact on the society for our environment. No new plastic is manufactured and only the remaining ones are recycled to make some new. Apart from these various advantages, these recycled plastic bollards are very flexible to use as well. You can use them anywhere as per your will. This is why these make a good investment too.