Thursday, July 5, 2018

Why Use Recycled Plastic Bollards?

Plastic bollards have many pros over the old bollards that are usually metal or concrete. They are convenient to use because of their lightweight, high visibility and so on. Over the last few years, it can be said that these plastic bollards have had the monopoly in the markets. These days recycled plastic bollards are on the rise as well because of their eco-friendly nature. Here are a few reasons stating why to use recycled plastic bollards?

They Are Not Costly

Yes, they do not cost one much when compared to metal bollards for permanent concrete bollards. These economy bollards do not wear down in the long run and even if they do, they can be recycled which brings down their price.
They are very easy to carry and are hence portable from one place to another with much ease. This also brings down the extra cost of labour or transport.

They Come In Various Colours

What is the purpose of these recycled plastic bollards? They prevent any kind of mishaps and accidents from taking place. For this, they have to highly visible for anyone, even one who is at a distance from the working area. 
This is why plastic bollards are the safest and wisest options because they come in a variety of colours which are bright and fluorescent like fluorescent red, pink, and green and so on. Even if they are subjected to weather climate conditions, it is guaranteed that these bright colours will not fade away even in the long run.

They Are Very Eco-Friendly

The man has been long conscious now. Plastic has created havoc in the balance of this world's nature. However even if these bollards are made of plastic, the pallet manufacturers have made sure they are made from recycled plastic only. 
This helps in creating a positive impact on the society for our environment. No new plastic is manufactured and only the remaining ones are recycled to make some new. Apart from these various advantages, these recycled plastic bollards are very flexible to use as well. You can use them anywhere as per your will. This is why these make a good investment too.

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